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15 May

Family time with the Kims – Philadelphia Museum of Art – Philadelphia, PA

It's been more than 10 years since I've visited the city of brotherly love. I don't remember much about that last trip besides going to the museum steps and reenacting the Rocky scene - I know, how original.So I recently met up with my cousins Jason, his amazing wife Krissy and their sweet and adorbalicious baby daughter, Kori. Besides the holidays, it's a rare occasion to meet with family so it felt great to take a trip down to Philly and spend some time with them. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to capture this beautiful trio.
03 Apr

Retrospectively Yours,

Taegu, South KoreaSo the other day I was searching for something in the attic and came across an old brown suitcase. Inside the briefcase were hundreds of photos from my parents' childhood which I've never seen before. As I was sitting there going through each photo, a flood of emotions came rushing through me.Since my father's passing last year, it's been difficult to cope with the loss of a loved one. It was especially tough to see my mother having to deal with losing her soulmate, her rock, her love. Since than, she has made herself to become the strong, resilient woman she is today and I feel truly blessed to be called her son.These wedding photos of my parents were found at the bottom of the pile in a small yellow envelope. It was really neat seeing a traditional Buddhist wedding and how much more simple it was back than (1960's-70's). I was surprised that they even had wedding photos during this time, being that it was quite rare and expensive to own a camera than. Hope you enjoy these gems as  much as I did :)

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