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14 Aug

Little things make BIG impressions – Sony RX100 III

Before getting into anything, I want to state that I was not the photographer for this wedding. I just wanted to share a few images taken from this impressive new gadgetry produced by Sony - the RX100 III.Diana & Mike recently exchanged their vows up in the beautiful Catskill Mountains at the Onteora Mountain House. I've known Diana for almost two decades now. It was a gorgeous day and what better setting to test out this amazing little camera than at a friend's wedding.With smart phones nowadays having formidable camera options, it's no secret that the point & shoot market has been on a steep decline. To stay afloat in this genre of p&s, it's imperative that these camera companies offer something drastic and something way better than what Apple or Samsung are packing into their phones. Most camera brands are now offering mirrorless systems with interchangeable lenses in a compact profile. Although some of these systems are quite amazing, I was looking for a portable solution that delivers great image quality in the smallest possible package without having to ponder which lens to put on. Just take it out, turn it on and shoot. The Sony RX100 III was THE ONE.I could get into all the technical specs about the sensor, low-light performance and all that other blibbety bobbety but I won't. The photos could speak for themselves :) Congrats Diana & Mike!
14 Jul

Elizabeth + Michael – Wedding – Celebrations at the Bay, MD

You couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate Liz & Mike's wedding. The skies were ideal, the view so surreal, the love you could feel on this special special day (snap applause). That pretty much sums it up. Congrats to the B&G!Special thanks to photographer Cliff Cooper who accompanied me on this day, as some of his photos are scattered in the post.

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